Kelsey created a custom ergonomics and stretching program for our housekeeping and laundry team as part of a pilot program. She came on site to observe the typical daily tasks in order to tailor to our team’s specific needs, followed by coaching for our supervisors and stretching champions. The program includes a variety of easy to read, step by step instructions that we can rotate through to keep the movements fresh every day.

The first summer we used the program we saw a significant decrease in injuries. The following summer due to a variety of reasons the stretching program was not used.  There was a HUGE jump in injuries and multiple people were observed wearing wrist and knee braces to function daily at their jobs. Needless to say, we contacted Kelsey who graciously came and re-trained our supervisors and stretching champions.   

Three months after the re-introduction of the stretching and ergonomic program, injuries are down again. Our team is also coming forward with their own suggestions to improve processes and reduce risk of ergonomic injuries.

We highly recommend Kelsey at Achelois Therapy to any company looking to improve their ergonomics and reduce the risk of injury to their team members. We look forward to expanding the program into other departments within the resort.

-Health and Safety Coordinator- Fairmont Hot Springs Resort – Fairmont, B.C

“At Kicking Horse Coffee, ergonomics is a big part of our health and safety program. With the help of Kelsey at Achelois Therapy, our focus and understanding around ergonomics has been taken to the next level. She created a custom program for our team, which includes step-by-step, easy-to-read instructions for functional ergonomics and stretches. This program is catered to our unique workplace and the kick-ass people who work here. Not only has this been a huge success with our team, but it has also resulted in a decrease in injury reports.

We highly recommend Kelsey at Achelois Therapy to any company who is looking to improve their ergonomics in a thoughtful, people-focused way.”

-Director, People and Culture – Kicking Horse Coffee – Invermere B.C

“After several months of nasty headaches and trying other treatments, I decided to give Athletic Therapy a try.  Turns out my neck and shoulders are extremely tight and Kelsey was able to help me find relief.  Not only did her treatments help, but she’s given me a nice set of stretches so that I can help myself at home.  I would highly recommend Athletic Therapy to anyone looking for help with injuries or muscle problems!”

-Dalphine – Invermere B.C.

“I tried  various medical solutions for my issue with no lasting results. I was at wits end and had resolved myself to either living with my pain or looking at surgical intervention.

My wife heard about Athletic Therapy and discovered we were fortunate to have one here in Invermere. I went to my first visit with trepidation, having doubts that my issue would be resolved. Boy was I mistaken! Miss Kelsey’s treatments, exercise & stretching program have given me total relief. If you have an injury or that ache/pain that just won’t go away I would highly recommend Athletic Therapy!!!”

-John – Invermere B.C

“Having suffered multiple shoulder injuries and living with daily pain for years, I had little hope that I would be able to once again participate in many of the physical activities that I once loved.

After many, many visits to other physical therapy clinics in the area with no relief, I was fortunate enough to discover Kelsey Walker Athletic Therapy.  No other provider compared to the knowledge and results that Kelsey provided.

After her hands-on treatment techniques coupled with stabilization and strengthening exercises, Kelsey not only relieved my shoulder pain, but also helped me regain lost flexibility, strength and power.

I would highly recommend Kelsey’s expertise in Athletic therapy.”

-Shane – Windermere B.C

“From my shoulders, pecs, legs and neck, Kelsey did everything she could to return me to what I loved to do in being active. She’s my most knowledgeable resource on my side and is one I know will be in my corner through all the bumps and bruises of the future.”

“Here’s to this wonderful valley and the amazing people who live here”

-Eric- Calgary- A.B