Corporate Scope

1. Assessment

    • Analysis of Occupational Duties
    • Record tasks and duties of employees utilized daily
    • Gauge risk of injury throughout work day
    • Assess movement patterns being performed through work day

2. Program Design

    • Utilize information gathered to create specialized program for your workplace
    • Take into consideration movement patterns, common duties and possible restrictions of employees when creating program
    • Incorporate injury education
    • Encompass “textbook” movement patterns as well as techniques to protect throughout “non-textbook” movements.

3. Exercise & Stretching Program

    • Utilize information gathered to create a specialized program based on your employees’ needs
    • Design 1-5 programs based on a 5-7 day work week
    • Vary the program to help engage the employees
    • Specifically pin-point areas of maximal use therefore, increased risk of injury.

Ergonomic and Stretching Program:

Based on the workplace design, tasks carried out and staff daily performance, a program will be designed to specifically target the acute and chronic injuries happening or likely to happen in your workplace. Reviewing topics such as risk factors, medical conditions, posture, lifting and stabilization techniques your team will learn how to protect themselves throughout the day therefore, decreasing WCB claims and increasing the health and wellness of your staff.

Stretching Programming allows staff a designated 5 minutes a day, to stretch muscles and joints, refresh their bodies and minds, reset mentally and return to the rest of their work-day feeling awakened. By designing specific stretching programs for your specific needs, the body parts that are utilized most throughout the staff’s tasks will get the attention they need to keep performing optimally.

Times will Vary