Functional Ergonomics

Ergonomics Programming

Classroom and On-floor training on proper lifting, lowering, overhead lifting, pushing, pulling, carrying and postural techniques 

Functional techniques for specific movements used within the workplace

  • House Keeping Tasks
    • Cleaning Bathrooms
    • Lifting Laundry
    • Scrubbing Toilets
    • Carrying Baskets
  • Assembly Line Tasks
    • Standing
    • Repetitive Twisting
    • Lifting Boxes
    • Repetitive Taping
    • Pushing Boxes
    • Pulling Forklifts
  • Office Tasks
    • Desk Work
    • Carrying Supplies
    • Repetitive typing
    • Repetitive Sit/Stand movements
  • Maintenance Tasks
    • Bending
    • Lifting Equipement
    • Pushing & Pulling
    • Repetitive movements
    • Maintenance TasksBending

Stabilization Techniques

Postural techniques used throughout work and life to help with posture in order to decrease pain, inflammation and injury. 

Techniques to ensure your body is safe throughout ALL movements.

  • Strengthening the Upper Back
    • Protects upper back
    • Protects shoulders
    • Decreases neck pain
    • Decreases lower back pain
  • Strengthening The Core
    • Protect low back
    • Decreases low back pain
    • Protects hips
  • Firing Pattern of the Lower Body Muscles
    • Protects hip injury
    • Decreases low back pain
    • Protects low back injury
    • Protects hamstring injury

Stretching Programming

Five minutes a day program design for full body stretching, to decrease muscle aches and pains as well as allow your team to re-fresh, recharge and stay healthy throughout their work day!

Stretch Critical areas utilized throughout work day and are likely to be injured.

Employees report feeling refreshed and rejuvenated from the 5 minute stretching sessions, making their days feel shorter and making it easier to complete the day without fatigue.