Fitness Apparel

Ambitious Lifestyles- Fitness Apparel


Women’s Fitness Apparel

Lift Leggings

“A 9/10 length booty supporting and accentuating legging with added side pockets. Made from a specially treated nylon and spandex blend to provide extra comfort”


Crop Top

“A crop top crafted from comfortable cotton spandex blend with a reflective ambitious chest logo”



Men’s Fitness Apparel

Ohm Sweats

“A new take on the classic Yoga pant. Specially treated nylon to make it feel more like cotton while retaining the technical capabilities, such as four way stretch and sweat wicking”


The Jogger

“The Ambitious Jogger is designed for the strong and luxurious. Constructed from a technical tai-blend fabric and finished with high end details. A branded black and blue back zippered pocket adds unique character. A subtle modern classic yet luxurious all in itself.”


Did you Read your Tag?

Spark Ambition

“We believe we can all change the world by sparking ambition in everyone. Our Goal is to create that feeling of accomplishment you get after you ace a huge exam, or when you just crush a serious workout.

We want to create that feeling of happiness, like that moment when small things in life just fall into place so perfectly, and at that moment all you can do in smile.”

Ambitious Lifestyles donates a portion of every sale to transitioning the young and homeless to a life with goals and aspirations through university scholarship and support.





SOFT: Like Cashmere

Bamboo Fabrics can look and feel luxurious, like silk or very soft cotton. Fabric softeners are not needed or recommended. Overtime, and after multiple washings, the bamboo may begin to feel more like cashmere.



“Bamboo Kun” exhibits up to 99% antibacterial rate, thereby reducing the growth of the door causing bacteria that thrive on your skin and clothing. Even after numerous washings bamboo is able to retain those antimicrobial properties. A sweat drenched bamboo tank may be hung to dry and then worn the next workout ODOR FREE. Its science.


ECO-FRIENDLY: Inherently Organic

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on earth, with a growth rate of over 12 inches per day! It does not require replanting because the shoots are cut to their base and the bamboo re-grows similar to grass. Bamboo is tremendously strong and pest resistant, requiring no pesticides or irrigation.